About Us

About Us

Michelle Staley joined Discovery Publications Inc., in June 2013. Discovery Publications was founded in 1974 and evolved into the Midwest’s premier publication reporting and promoting the antiques and collectibles trade along with informing readers of the region’s numerous historic sites and museums. Our flagship publication, Discover Vintage America, is distributed in 8-plus states and has been called a “bible” for antique consumers and antique dealers. Each issue is filled with information on antique shows, craft shows, how to care for antiques, and other useful information about the trade. Michelle is a big part of our commitment to inform our readers and support our advertisers.

Michelle’s first column for Discover Vintage America appeared in the July 2013 issue. She immediately got our readers’ attention. Michelle’s experience, confidence, and skill at putting her knowledge into words was evident and she enjoys a growing readership, so much so that we decided to bring Michelle’s talent and experience even more to the forefront. This website and its appraisal function are part of that process of informing the curious antique lover of what they have.

Also, Michelle goes on the road. She holds antique appraisals at antique shows, antique malls and shops, and at meetings of historical societies throughout the region. Have Michelle attend an event at a retirement home, a fun lady’s night, retirement party, just about anything that you can think of. She is also comfortable being on TV or radio.  (See the Events page) These events are extremely popular and Michelle’s interaction with people and the knowledge she conveys in the most personable way leaves people more informed in the most pleasant of ways.

We want users of this website to know that Michelle Staley does the best for you and the antique trade.

Our Info

Satisfying Your Curiosity

Learn what you have, get as much information as possible about your antique.

Get An Honest Answer

The answers you get come from a love of antiques and knowing the trade is best served by being ethical.

Years of Experience

MIchelle has over 35 years experience in the antique trade and Discover Vintage America has been reporting on the trade for nearly 40 years.

Knowing an Antique Value Can Bring Enjoyment

By researching your antique, the knowledge given adds to your appreciation of it and the creator.

You're Involved In the Process

You determine what you want appraised and what values (auction, retail, insurance) you seek.

Easy and Secure

You send us the photos and a brief description. Once payment has been confirmed via PayPal then Michelle will begin her research on the history of your item.


On-site Appraisal Events



  • Up to 2 items appraised in person
  • Say "hello" to Michelle Staley
  • Meet other antique enthusiasts
  • Have Michelle present at your historic society meeting, party, any event that you can think of. She is better than a magician.

Basic Appraisal



  • 1 item apprasied online
  • Extensive write-up on item's history
  • A current approximations of value
  • Final appraisal will be featured on our website

Premium Appraisal



  • 2 items apprasied online
  • Extensive write-up on items' history
  • A current approximation of value based on recent public sale prices
  • Final appraisal will be featured on our website
  • If requested, a legal copy of the apprasial


Why use your service?

We consider our service exemplary. Michelle's experience as an appraiser, dealer and shop owner gives her a real world view of the antiques' trade. She follows the trends in the trade including price points, market fluctuations and sales at high-end auction houses.

How long will it take to hear back from Michelle?

You will be contacted as soon as she is in receipt of payment, photos and any other required information. After which she may request additional information in order to complete your appraisal. The appraisal then will be completed in a few days UNLESS additional time is needed for research. If so, you will be notified.

Will MIchelle make recommendations on where to sell my antique or whom may buy it?

Michelle will not make recommendations on where to sell your antique or whom may buy it. Such questions should be taken to your local antique dealer, shop or auction house.

Can Michelle put an appraisal on letterhead for insurance purposes?

Yes. Michelle is happy to accommodate this request but there is an additional $10 fee for this service as it requires very specific verbiage and requires more time to create the appraisal.